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I'm a 16-year-old social media-lite living in the harsh reality that is adolescence. I want to write for a living, not just for fun. I love to sing, act, and dance but I'm not very good at any of those things.


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do you ever just stare at your homework and cry



i will reblog this as many times as i can in hopes of making it a post everyone on tumblr sees at least once 

wait that kinda looks like me

Alright so, 53 days from now I will be on a bus headed to Disneyworld! (MY FIRST TIME YAY!) There are 53 Disney Animations Feature Films and I figured I’d start the countdown with #10 in my top 10 favorite DAFF.

Robin Hood is fairly underrated when it comes to Disney and it was one of my favorite movies growing up!


  1. Little John, the bear in Robin Hood, is nearly identical to that of Baloo in The Jungle Book. Both characters were voiced by actor Phil Harris, and have similar personalities. The slight difference is that Little John more closely resembles a brown or grizzly bear while Baloo was based on an Indian Sloth Bear – and Little John is slightly more responsible (albeit villainous) than Baloo. They did almost the exact same thing with the snake from the Jungle Book.
  2. Robin Hood was the first animated feature to be produced almost completely without Walt Disney’s involvement after his passing. Thus it’s success was going to be treated as a foreshadowing of whether or not the studio could carry on without his magic


No Viruses I promise.



I have tried for a long time to become an active member of the Youtube community and much of my time has been spent watching and studying the techniques of Youtube “celebrities”. This past month or so, information has come to the surface about many famous youtubers, (especially in the Nerdfighter community) two of which were favorites of mine, Luke Conard and Alex Day, both ex’s of my favorite youtuber of all-time, Kristina Horner.

Both of these community members, and several others, have been called out as sexual and emotional abusers. A lot of these accusations stem from societies inherent sexism and issues surrounding CONSENT. Today, I’m going to lay out some of the basics of consent and maybe make a video later on.



How does one define consent?
In it’s most basic form, consent is a Yes or No question.

ex. “Do you want to do this?” “NO.” -Immediately halt thing you are doing. However, this form of consent is null and void when:

1. The person you are engaged in physical activity with is intoxicated/drugged- A person is not in their full state of mind when under the influence of alcohol or drugs and so therefore, cannot give fully aware consent. IT DOES NOT MATTER IF YOU AGREED TO THE ACT BEFORE HAND, IF YOU’VE ENGAGED IN INTIMATE ACTS BEFORE, OR IF THEY ARE YOUR SPOUSE/PARTNER. If they are under the influence THEY CANNOT GIVE CONSENT. And if you engage in any intimate act with someone drunk, high, or drugged, you are a rapist. End of discussion.

2. The person you are engaged in physical activity with is a PWMD (person with mental disability)- This varies from person to person of course because every disability is different and affects people differently but, if the person cannot tell right from wrong, cannot mentally process basic things, or has a thinking process of a child, I personally feel like they are not ready for sexual activity. THIS VARIES FROM PERSON TO PERSON. Just keep in mind, an annual 35% of disabled teens and adults are sexually taken advantage of. 80% of PWMD who have been sexually abused, have been abused more than once. It is best to consult a doctor before engaging in intimate activities with a PWMD and you and your partner must understand what actions will be taking place.

If you have to convince, beg, blackmail, or threaten someone to have intimate relations with you, you’re a sexual abuser/rapist.- Consent should be a sober, enthusiastic, continuous, “YES!” It should be a conversation as the act progresses. You need to constantly be checking in with your partner to make sure they’re comfortable and they still like what you’re doing. If you have to do any of the following things, then you’re partner has not given their full consent, and it is sexual assault.

BEG- If someone says “No.” and you have to beg and plead with them until they finally give in, That’s not consent. EX- “Would you like to ____?” “No thank you.” “PLEASE?” “I said No.” “Please. Please. I won’t leave you alone until you say yes…you don’t love me!!!” “okay…fine.”

BLACKMAIL- Ex. “If you don’t do ________ with me I’m going to tell everyone about how much of a floosy you are. I’m going to lie to your parents so that they think you did _____________.”

THREATEN-  Ex.- “I’m going to hurt you if you dont __________. I won’t love you if you don’t __________.”

Finally, Just because there was no, “No.” doesn’t mean there was a YES.

SO REMEMBER- Sober, Conscious, Continuous, Enthusiastic, Uninfluenced YES.

(Most of this information comes from Laci Green. I decided to put it in this nice little blog post for your viewing pleasure)




That moment you realize you are Edmund

he almost gets them killed because he wants sweets

we’re still Edmund


If you want to capture that ‘drowning yourself in cotton candy body spray in the girl’s bathroom before you see Jake LeFevre in fifth period English’ feeling, purchase with abandon.”